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Power of Attorney
Even the most prudent and trusting of us may be squeamish about giving someone else power of attorney, much less durable power of attorney. This plays into our refusal to believe that we might not be able to make our own decisions. A will-of course we'd have one. Health, home and car insurance-who would think of going without these? But to give someone else power of attorney sounds too much like giving away our power before there is any need to do so. Let's clear this up, just in case-it's too important, and too often misunderstood, not to talk about it.

In case of a sudden, grievous accident or illness, certainly you want someone with the legal right to make the decisions you would make, until you are back to your normal mental and physical capacity.

You can structure a power of attorney any way you like. Ask your attorney to put in writing stringent, detailed instructions. You can spell out how and when the power of attorney is to kick in. It's very much like going on an extended trip, where you are likely to be out of communication with family, friends or business associates for an indeterminate period of time. Of course, you would put in writing all of the financial, business and other decisions that might come up, and leave copies with the important people in your life-certainly with your attorney.

A durable power of attorney is drafted now and becomes effective if you are unable to make your own decisions. Simply put it where other key papers are-including your living will, traditional will and any trust documents you may have. It is a good idea to share this information and the location of the documents with the important people in your life.

Located in South Central Pa., Bedford County is a great place to live and a great place to visit. The countryside is beautiful, prices are affordable, the people are friendly and there are many family oriented activities to enjoy. The pace is a little slower than most places, and we like it that way!

Leadership Bedford County was created to enhance community servant leadership by challenging and preparing individuals from diverse backgrounds to assume active and effective roles in addressing the needs of our community. The ultimate goal is to develop a group of informed, committed and qualified individuals capable of providing dynamic leadership for the county.

Participants of LBC receive comprehensive training on current issues facing our community and leadership skill training. LBC provides insight as to how Bedford County functions as a community – politically, socially, economically, educationally and culturally. The concept of LBC is to present participants with all the facts about issues facing our community including external forces that affect us. These issues are often controversial. Participants develop their own opinions based on the information presented and gathered regarding the issues presented.

Leadership Bedford County employs a variety of educational approaches including lecture, debate, case studies, skill building, “hands on” experience, teamwork, site visits, fact finding, and problem solving for issues facing our community. Issues that are examined include tourism, transportation, economic development, education, workforce development, government, judicial system, housing, health care, human services, arts, heritage, religion, planning, recreation, and community development. Approximately 15-20 individuals from diverse backgrounds are selected to participate in the class. Participation is open to individuals residing or working in Bedford County.

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