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The Delaware State Bar Association is marked by evolving efforts to promote ethical conduct by lawyers, to require and offer high quality continuing legal education, to protect the public from the unauthorized practice of law, to review and make recommendations regarding Delaware's court system and to foster the mentoring of new lawyers. Service to the public is another hallmark of the Association. Encouraging and facilitating pro bono work, providing a lawyer referral service and offering various legal handbooks are a few examples of its efforts in public outreach.The Association has also remained true to one of its earliest goals, "the cultivation of fraternal relationships among the lawyers of Delaware." This goal has been achieved through a consistent effort to communicate news among members and to sponsor social events. Today, members of the Association enjoy a monthly newsletter, retreats, luncheons, receptions and an annual black tie dinner dance.

The purposes and objects of the Association include the following: the advancement of the science of jurisprudence, securing proper statutory reforms, preserving proper standards for members of the Bar, maintenance of honor and dignity in the profession, upholding principles of legal ethics and professional responsibility, cultivation of fraternal relationship among the Bench and Bar of Delaware, perpetuation of legal history and all such other and proper purposes as befit the practice of law and the proper public perception of the profession. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Association to speak on behalf of the courts and to preserve their honor, integrity, high standards and proper remuneration.

Delaware State Bar Association is dedicated to help lawyers improve their practice so that they can serve their clients better. It's committed to educate the public with reference to law and the administration of justice. It's active in exerting its influence in connection with issues involving the profession of law and its enforcement and in assuring justice for all persons. Works to cultivate a spirit of good fellowship and camaraderie among the members of the legal profession, and to continuously improve relations between the legal community and the public at large.

The Association's sponsored Continuing Legal Education program offers an extensive selection of seminars, workshops and classes throughout the year. Led by local practitioners and scholars as well as invited guest speakers, the seminars are offered at various levels of expertise, to reach new as well as experienced lawyers. The program covers numerous areas of law and is geared to helping Delaware lawyers stay on top of fast-changing legal developments and fulfilling their Mandatory Continuing Education requirements.

As the practice of law becomes more specialized, and life in the legal profession becomes increasingly more complex, the Association offers its members the opportunity to increase expertise and expand professional contacts through membership in its many sections and committees. Membership in sections allows lawyers to meet colleagues who share their interest in a special field of law, to receive section publications and to receive advance notification of proposed legislation. Membership in committees provides an opportunity for leadership in service to the Association, to the legal community and to the public in numerous areas.

Lawyers helping lawyers is a volunteer program established to provide peer help and support to lawyers on a variety of subjects. New lawyers faced with problems they are not able to solve, lawyers who move from a large firm setting to a small office or open a solo practice and lawyers who need advice or guidance find an ear and a helping hand when calling this program. This mentoring service is organized by the Professional Guidance Committee.

Established to assist lawyers who experience problems that interfere with their personal lives or their ability to serve as lawyers. This service is completely confidential, operates under the auspices of the Professional Guidance Committee, and is run by members of the Bar who are familiar with problems resulting from stress and from substance abuse. Members of the committee and a professional counselor employed by the Association have provided assistance to many Delaware lawyers, as well as continued support to other lawyers who were previously in the program.

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