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1stlawyerinfo.com primary objective is to provide you with the support and internet lawyer resources, internet attorney information necessary to handle your legal issues. One of the biggest ways we achieve this goal is by helping you contact a qualified legal professional free internet lawyers information, internet attorneys solutions and counselor near you, who can inform you of your legal rights and options.
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INTERNET LAW SPECIALIST In the world of the Internet, nothing stays the same. The technology of the Internet constantly evolves. The business of the Internet is in a seemingly constant state of innovation. The law of the Internet, set out in court decisions and state, federal and international laws, seems to always be well behind the curve of the technology and business advances. In such a state, doing business on the web is a risky proposition. To manage the risk effectively, companies from around the world turn to John W. Dozier, Jr. for assistance in making smart decisions.

An entrepreneur at heart, he founded his first e-commerce company in February 1994, at a time when the web was in its infancy. Three years later, his award winning emerging technology company became one of the first venture fund backed businesses in his region, leading John (the architect of an integrated software, EDI, and ASP system for major financial institutions) on a wild ride on the Internet bubble. In 2001, John’s interest returned him to the practice of law, where in the 1980s he had earlier honed his litigation skills with hundreds of first chair trials and his legislative and negotiation skills as a lobbyist, and this time he focused exclusively on Internet law litigation. He’s the hired gun when a business gets in trouble, a role he relishes. “It’s always nice to feel like you have a handle on the technology, the business, and the law. We get involved in some of the most leading edge matters in the world; nothing is as exciting and challenging as trying to figure out where the law of the case leads, and nothing is as gratifying as finding a solution for a client that others never even considered”, he says. And as for his “Bull Dozier” nickname given him by opposing litigators for his tenacity and fierce competitiveness, John laughs at the nickname but does not take exception to it. “We pick our fights and, in this business, you better know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. We do a real good job of figuring that out.”

A one stop online attorney, web attorney, internet attorney, and website attorney. Many pick us to solve an online legal issue, so whether you think of us as your online attorneys, online lawyers, internet lawyers, internet attorneys, web attorneys, or even e-commerce attorneys, also think of us as YOUR lawyers when an internet legal issue arises. Since we live every day, all day long, as Internet lawyers and online lawyers, we know the web technologies, the internet business models, the online legal issues, and the practical business challenges. So, if you are looking for a real "Internet Lawyer", and not just another intellectual property attorney dabbling in online law while he carries on his real practice, we may be the firm for you.

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