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1stlawyerinfo.com primary objective is to provide you with the support and pro bono lawyer resources, pro bono attorney information necessary to handle your legal issues. One of the biggest ways we achieve this goal is by helping you contact a qualified legal professional free pro bono lawyers information, pro bono attorneys solutions and counselor near you, who can inform you of your legal rights and options.

The need for pro bono services in the labor and employment area is acute. To acknowledge individuals, firms, corporate and union legal departments, governmnent agencies, and other organizations that help meet this crucial need, the Section's Pro Bono Committee sponsors the Frances Perkins Public Service Award, and has assembled a state-by-state listing of pro bono organizations for labor and employment lawyers.

The Section's Pro Bono Committee has created a Labor and Employment Law Web Resource Directory for your reference, listing links to free labor and employment law related Internet resources that can be used in providing labor/employment related pro bono services. In addition to this directory, be sure to visit the ABA Center for Pro Bono's directory to view a comprehensive, updated, searchable collection of pro bono programs.

Section of Labor and Employment Law: Pro Bono Work
Committee Charge: With the approval of Section leadership, to propose and implement pro bono projects for the membership of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law.

Join the Committee: Do you want to get involved in the Section's efforts to promote and support pro bono by Section members? The Committee meets via monthly conference calls and through a number of subcommittees. These subcommittees work on a number of interesting projects designed to educate Section members about pro bono work, recognize the extraordinary efforts of Section members who perform pro bono work through the Section's Frances Perkins Public Service Award, and support the efforts of the Section and its members who want to perform pro bono work.

Participation in the Katrina Task Force: The Committee and its members are working with the Section's Katrina Task Force and others to assist in identifying and addressing the labor and employment pro bono and other needs for those affected by the hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We encourage Section members to offer pro bono legal services through the programs found at the ABA's site and others.

Notarial Services Pro Bono Network Program: The Section is sponsoring a project to address a problem in New Orleans. The project is aimed at establishing a network of lawyers throughout the country who will be available to provide notarial services out of state to those who face homelessness in in New Orleans, including those made homeless by Katrina. These individuals need to have proof of identity in order to be admitted to a shelter, the most common of which is a birth certificate. However, individuals born outside of Louisiana face additional obstacles in obtaining their birth certificates. For many years, New Orleans attorneys provided these services on a pro bono basis. Where an applicant was born outside Louisiana, a local attorney would locate a lawyer in the state of birth to assist them. Because of the substantial damage to their practices and lives, the New Orleans bar can use our assistance in meeting this need. Although the list of attorneys currently participating is growing, the project could use your participation. If you are interested in helping out, please contact one of the chairs through the links in the right panel or Section Assistant Judy Stofko for more information.

History of the Pro Bono Program
In 1985, a local Vancouver lawyer began to volunteer his services each week, at The Salvation Army’s Community and Family services department, to a group of people who were denied Justice because they did not fit the guidelines for obtaining Government funded legal assistance.

This informal legal advice program developed into a small team of lawyers who decided, likewise, to give of their expertise to the poor. This continued for the following thirteen years.

In January, 1998, after resigning as a lawyer and selling his law practice, Mr. Dugald Christie (the original lawyer) decided to volunteer full time with The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services, to develop and expand the services that he had been providing to the poor. A full-time secretary was hired to assist in the development of the program.

Over the next three to four months, various meetings were held, with the involvement of The Salvation Army’s commanding officers, to discern whether or not the idea of the Pro Bono program was in keeping with the spirit of The Salvation Army’s Mission Statements.

The Salvation Army has long been associated with helping the poor. Indeed, from the very beginnings of The Salvation Army, the "Soldiers" and "Officers" of that early Army lived amongst the dire needs of poor, forgotten, and lost of society.

It should come as no surprise that The Salvation Army should find itself promoting the work and efforts of lawyers to deliver Justice to the very same people The Salvation Army has always ministered to.

The Salvation Army and Mr. Christie, partnershipped in vision, proceeding to obtain interview rooms in two local Vancouver Court houses. A campaign was begun to recruit lawyers into volunteering their services in their expertise.

"The Program" obtained the cooperation of The Salvation Army Richmond Corps in establishing a legal clinic. Shortly after that, another clinic was sought in the Surrey Corps of The Salvation Army.

In the summer of 1998, a promotional campaign had taken place to further develop the program in other areas of the Province of British Columbia. Although many areas did not develop this concept immediately, many of these communities remained interested in watching the programs development.

In November, 1999, the program under new leadership began to grow rapidly as it expanded into various communities around British Columbia. To date, there have been twenty-two legal clinics established in communities around the Province, with an infrastructure in place to support them. Continued campaigning for lawyer recruitment is necessary to keep up with the demands of supplying legal assistance to the poor of society……

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